Joint DESY and University of Hamburg

Accelerator Physics Seminar

in the meeting room 459 in building 30b
as zoom video seminar (needs version 5.16 or higher)

Usually on Tuesdays at 16:00

Upcoming Seminars:

  1. Tue, 12.12.2023 : Jörg Feikes (MLS/HZB) :
    Exploring the Essential Conditions Enabling Steady-State Microbunching
    abstract (ps)

  2. Mon, 18.12.2023 at 14:30 : Pardis Niknejadi (DESY) :
    Exploring the Characteristics and Challenges of Operating an Externally Seeded FLASH1
    abstract (ps) Note the unusual date and time

Talks in 2023

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Contact :

W.Hillert I.Agapov M.Vogt
University of Hamburg DESY/MPY DESY/MFL
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